Dedicated Craftsman

Dedicated Craftsman

jeudi 12 février 2009

Abraham Lincoln Graphic Bio

        Here is another Character study board of Abe Lincoln I did some months ago, when I started to work on a Biography of the 16th President of the USA in a Graphic Novel form.
    It is a great project that my long time friend and colleague Erik Svane proposed me last year, and I am proud and excited to say that we are currently working very hard on the first volume ( 2 volumes are planned ) which will follow the life of "Honest Abe" from his early boyhood to his Election as President !
    Of course, we are aiming to have it published in America very soon this year 2009, which is the very year of the Commemoration of Lincoln's 200th Birthday !

2 commentaires:

Arthur Wneir a dit…

Bien, bien !

Le visage De Lincoln est plein de vie,
j'ai hâte de lire la BD.

Unknown a dit…

Wow... the resemblance is amazing really.
I wish I could draw like that, although I guess not everyone is born an artist ;)

Congratulations! I'm eager to see this graphic novel!

Keep up the good work!