Dedicated Craftsman

Dedicated Craftsman

jeudi 12 février 2009

Happy Birthday Abe !!

      And as a little gift for the visitors of my Blog, here is a page from the first volume of me and Erik Svane's Abe Lincoln Graphic "Biopic", to celebrate the 200th Birthday of this iconic and great President of the USA, which is today, this very 12th of February !!
     This page is from a scene depicting the notorious "Almanac Trial" when Lincoln as a lawyer
defends a presumed murderer...
     Hope you'll like it...

Abraham Lincoln Graphic Bio

        Here is another Character study board of Abe Lincoln I did some months ago, when I started to work on a Biography of the 16th President of the USA in a Graphic Novel form.
    It is a great project that my long time friend and colleague Erik Svane proposed me last year, and I am proud and excited to say that we are currently working very hard on the first volume ( 2 volumes are planned ) which will follow the life of "Honest Abe" from his early boyhood to his Election as President !
    Of course, we are aiming to have it published in America very soon this year 2009, which is the very year of the Commemoration of Lincoln's 200th Birthday !