Dedicated Craftsman

Dedicated Craftsman

lundi 1 octobre 2012

Grey Sheep

This is an original poster I have designed this year for a friend, Nicolai Schwierz, a talented young Film Director, and his feature film "Grey Sheep" (2012).

Yawning Fox Pictures

Original logo I have designed last year for Nicolai Schwierz, a friend film director, and his movie company "Yawning Fox Pictures".


Original poster I have designed last year for a good friend of mine Tarek Sursock's short film "Insomniac". I already previously did another poster for Tarek's other short film "The Shoes Maketh the Man" which won a few awards.

Taco Maniaco

I have designed this funny logo for a friend, Alberto Beka, very talented musician and co-member with Lori Steele of the electro-pop band Backnbloom. Alberto recently opened a taco truck in Los Angeles with two partners.

Backnbloom New Album

The second album by Backnbloom, "Music for the Modern Monkey" is available. I am really happy that two new cartoon portraits I made of the band members Alberto Beka and Lori Steele are on the CD pack. The album sounds great and leaves no doubt that this band will grow and evolve fast. Album available online and on Backnbloom's website:


Cartoon portraits I made this year of a friend of mine Alberto Beka and his music partner Lori Steele.
The two of them form an electro-pop Los Angeles-based music band called Backnbloom.
Alberto is the engineer and guitarist, and Lori sings and plays the electric violin. The duo formed in 2009 and has released two albums and has performed in many clubs and events in the US. Their music is very cool alternative electro-pop of genuine quality. Check out their website: